by Ian P

Grafiti is the first and only keyboard replacement designed just for drawing and sharing pictures. Seamless integration with any SMS app and social media apps such as Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Facebook Messenger, and Whatsapp allows you to quickly draw pictures or jot down messages and share them with your friends - all without ever having to switch apps.

To use Grafiti, simply select it in the keyboard switcher (the globe key) on your normal keyboard.

● Instantly create and share drawings and messages
● Supports any SMS app, Mail, Whatsapp, Tweetbot, the official Twitter and Facebook apps, and Facebook Messenger
● No switching apps necessary
● Use multiple colors and brush sizes
● Beautiful and clean user interface
● Undo & redo support

Grafiti fully supports any iPhone, iPad or iPod running iOS6.1, iOS6, and all iOS5 versions.